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Whoppa Gillespie of Bordeaux, CGC
(Can. Ch. Collerie's Homeport Tobias X Lady Rackatash)

Brought up on a lobster boat on the Maine coast, his granddad was a Canadian champion, named Toby.  His mother was a little girl from the sticks.  Whoppa spent the first two years of his life glued to his human father's side, lobstering with his real brother and his dad.  Then dad had to travel.  He tried to take Whoppa but it didn't work.  He had him placed in rescue but before he could get to his new home, the man's aunt stole Whoppa and told him he was dead.  Seven years later her husband dumped him in the pound because he barked. (Isn't that what he was born to do?)  That was when we came to take him into foster care.  Twenty four hours later we decided he should become ours.  His name was always Whoppa and we wouldn't think of changing it.  Since coming to live with us, Whoppa has competed in Rally, has competed in matches and goes to every rescue function to show people what a great breed he is.

This past June, Whoppa was the grand marshal at the two rescue parades held at the Eastern English Springer Spaniel Club Specialty in Warwick, Rhode Island.  He also traveled with me to Lexington, Kentucky this past fall to participate in the National English Springer Spaniel Rescue Parade.  Every one who has met the "infamous" Whoppa, just wants to hug and kiss him.  This travelin' man continues to be a wonderful ambassador for the world of English Springer Spaniel Rescue.  We hope he will continue for years to come.

Whoppa passed away November 28, 2008 in the arms of his adopted brother, Rolex and his human mom, Nanci

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