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North Yarmouth, Maine

Am./Ca. Ch. All-Time 'N' Whitney's Babbling Brook

Whitney pedigree

Whitney's Canadian Champion certificate


 Whitney, aka TWIT, is the future of Whitney Farms English Springer Spaniels.  Her beautiful movement, her conformation and fabulous temperament make her a girl that you want to breed.

     Jim's joy in seeing her everyday is unmatched.  She loves to show, but she also loves to play.  Her first introduction to snow was when we first acquired her from Carol and she was JUST a riot!  Her day would not be complete without her run around the back 40 at mach 10.

     From her debut at the Garden State Specialties at 6 months of age to her championship day on Cape Cod, she has been a joy to have around.  Keep watching, Twit will go places we are positive! And no matter what she will keep us smiling!

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