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Am./Int. Ch. All-Time Hunter's Point Rolex, CGC

     Like Whoppa,  Rolex joined me as a representative of English Springer Spaniel Club of Long Island-Rescue.  We had the opportunity to compete in the Breed ring in 2008 at Westminster.  Rolex was, I believe, the first "rescued"English Springer Spaniel to compete in Westminster. 

     In 2005, at that event, I met Carol Hamilton, while assisting Susan Sutton with Ch. Woodlander's Praise Hymn.  Carol called me later that year to say that she had a Springer she had bred that had been left at a kennel in California for almost two years when the previous owner left the country.  As breeder and co-owner, she, of course, wanted to take him back and asked me to find him a new good home.  Her goal was a loving home and she didn't care if he continued to compete for his championship.  I agreed but soon realized that I personally wanted to take Rolex into my home and attempt to finish him.  On March 25, 2006 at the Western Pennsylvania Kennel Association, Inc. show in Pittsburgh, PA. with the help of friend and pro handler Howard Huber and Judge Kelly Photopopoulus we accomplished just that.

     Rolex was a beautiful representation of all that the breed has to offer.  Not only to the fancier, but the pet home as well. One of my greatest joys was putting him back into the ring for the first time in two years the same day that it was announced that ESS Rescue together with the state of Maine, successfully closed down Mark Hagelin's springer puppy mill in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine thereby rescuing almost 100 English Springer Spaniels.  Rolex was a wonderful companion for a number of those little pups that came into MY home for foster care.

   On March 25, 2009, just before his 8th birthday Rolex passed away of unknown causes.  He had just started to compete successfully in the world of Veteran's and was almost ready to begin an agility career.  Unfortunately his only chance at siring a litter of puppies was unsuccessful so his beauty and temperament are lost forever. His presence is a great loss to this household.

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