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Over a decade ago I attended my very first dog show.  I was hooked !

I started traveling with my friend and mentor to show, after show, after show ~ learning the ins and outs (and I am still learning), helping groom and then at the end of the summer, entered the ring with a dog at the end of the leash for the first time. Believe me when I tell you it wasn't a pretty picture.  But I WANTED to do this.  So I started learning, I went to matches with Whoppa, I took Allie to the Eastern specialty and entered her in Veteran's and then I got a special phone call.

Carol Hamilton of All-Time English Springer Spaniels had a boy that the original owner had given up over two years ago and because she  knew that I worked rescue, she hoped that I could find him a home.  He was almost a finished champion, but that didn't matter.  The home was the most important thing.  Naturally I said I would help and asked for a photo.  The rest is history.  I told her that I wanted him and that I would like to try to finish him myself. Rolex arrived from California in May of 2005 and we were out in the ring until just before he died in March of 2009.  He became a Champion in March 2006. 

In September of 2005 we lost Allie and my husband was heartbroken. Little did we know that Whitney would end up with a similar fate as Rolex and would be given up by her original owner.  Once again Carol called and Whitney became a part of our household just after Thanksgiving in 2005.  She was only 4 months old.  Twit is a Champion in both the United States and Canada.  Sadly, Twit went to join her Uncle Rolex and her buddy Whoppa on December 8th, 2015.  Once again, Jim is heart broken.  Thank heavens for Penny who is trying her hardest to help him in his sorrow.

In April of 2009 we welcomed Gilligan into our home.  Someone asked me where he came from. "Was he a gift from God?" and I said yes.  He has Rolex's coloring, his personality and he has Whoppa's face.  Gillie came along when I needed him most. He had some big shoes to fill, but he rose to the challenge!  On August 13th, 2011 Gilligan became a UKC champion with two group ones that weekend and on September 3, 2011 Gilligan also earned his AKC championship.  Then on September 27, 2015 Gilligan earned his UKC Grand championship.  What's next?

Gilligan Penny

 Penny joined us in September of 2011. Our dear friend with whom we co-own Dolly graced us with a beautiful black and white girl on June 17th, 2011.   The dam is "Dolly" CH Tiptop's Kountry Legend and sire is "Treasure" CH Logo's Lesson in History .  You can see more Penny pictures on her page (Penny's page).  With Penny we have started to get involved in agility.  Only time will tell where she goes!

The music that you are hearing right now has special meaning to my Springers and me.  Always being one of my favorite songs, this became our "fight" song when I first started showing Rolex. Every morning as we drove to the show, I would play this and sing to whoever was in the truck. In 2007, "Run for the Roses" became the theme of the English Springer Spaniel National at the Horse Park in Lexington, KY. When it was sung before Best of Breed at the National, I sat waiting to go in and sang to my dogs as usual. Four champions and many shows later, this will always be OUR song!


Our newest win photos will be posted here from now on, so keep checking back:


2010 and 2011 in Maine

What fun to have Gilligan finish his AKC Championship at the same show where he got his very first point!

Thank you Judges: Mrs. Patricia Mowbray Morgan and Mrs. Polly Smith!
(Oh and especially Howard Huber who is always there when you need him!)

And not to be out done by her Big "Brother"

AND not to be out done by her Little Sister

Penny is now a UKC Champion and on her way there she achieved a Group 4 win!
  (August 2013)

Portia is now a UKC-Altered Champion and on her way there she achieved a BEST IN SHOW and a Reserve BEST IN SHOW!  Congratulations to her proud co-owners Bev and Andy! (September 2013)

In September of 2015, Gillie got together with Penny and his friends and decided he was going to become a UKC Grand Champion.  He has now redefined the phrase "It Takes A Village"!  Thank you to Kathy Ross, Judges Mary King, Stan Matsumodo, Richard Klatt and Lew Olsen for joining in the fun!

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