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Sky King

"Sky King" When we adopted Daisey Mae many years ago from the Connecticut Humane Society, we never thought that there would be more than one Springer Spaniel in our household. This little tiny 32 pound black and white dog with so many flea bites that she bled when she was bathed had won our hearts... She was wild and crazy, fun loving and every bit a Springer. A few years later, Jim and I moved to Maine and Daisey Mae was in heaven on her new 7 acre property. But as she grew up, a little arthritis set in and she calmed down and slowed down.

In 2002, we decided that maybe she needed a pal… Someone to play with and keep her a little more active. I looked up English Springer Spaniel on the internet and ended up at ESSCLI--Rescue. After going through the interview process, it was decided that rescue would look for a male Springer around 5 years old. Not long after, the call came. Believe it or not there was a 5 year old, overweight Springer Spaniel at the Animal Refuge League in Westbrook, Maine who had been found running loose in Windham (a neighboring town) with no tags. We jumped in the car and ran off to see him.

When we arrived at the shelter the liver and white Spaniel was in the kennel barking continuously and because he was still in our quarantine program they couldn't let him out into the yard to visit. It appeared that he had the potential underneath all that dirty fur and drool to be a handsome man. The shelter said that when they let him out, he didn't bark as much and so Jim agreed he would be a fine dog. We filled out the forms and said that we would be back when the quarantine was up.

Sky King

When the day came, Jim was away, so I went to get him. I brought Daisey Mae with me to make sure that there wasn't an immediate problem. It appeared that they were going to get along, so into the truck they went. I was impressed with the new dog because he was quiet in the car, something Daisey had never mastered.

The shelter provided a free vet checkup at my vet and so an appointment was made. When he went in for his checkup, Doc Tom said he was a healthy dog and probably about 10 years old My heart sank. How could this be true? The vet at the refuge league said he was about 5. I called rescue and they arranged for him to see another vet. Dr Porter confirmed it… great teeth, healthy, nice 10 - 11 year old dog - NO CHARGE! Now what? He didn't bark, but he was 10! The new companion was just as old as Daisey Mae. When Jim got home two days later, I broke the news to him and his response was "Well, what are we going to do? We can't take him back just because he's too old!" And so of course, he stayed.

Up to this point the dog had only been called "Buddy"… you know, "hey buddy". But now he needed a real name. I was in the process of reading a Stephen King novel and Jim is a pilot. I wanted to simply name him King abut Jim said no… "Sky King". Even Daisey's ears perked up when she heard it.

King and Daisey Mae were the best brother and sister going. At one point, when Daisey was hurt, King wasn't there to protect her, but every morning after he licked her wounded eye to make sure that she was ok and knew that she was loved. They slept together, they played together, and best of all they got to go out on the boat the "Flying Spaniel" together. Daisey was the queen of the boat but she showed King the ropes. Jim adored his "chubby boy" and made sure that he was always wearing an American flag bandana wherever he went.

Although Daisey didn't run very well anymore, she still tried to keep up and the 10 year old King could still run like the wind! In one short year, a sad and bedraggled stray had become the King of North Yarmouth and his queen, Daisey Mae waited by his side while his court, Jim and I attended to his every need.

Less than a year later, King began to limp. He soon developed serious intestinal problems and it was discovered that he was full of cancer. His diagnosis was so bleak that it didn't seem fair to put him through what might come. So we decided to let him go. King, wearing his American flag bandana, now rests in his favorite spot… under a tree by the pond in our "back 40".

His loss was great, but what he started was greater. If King had not come into my life, I would not have gotten involved in ESSCLI-Rescue (www.springerspaniel.org)  and I would not be doing what I do today. Although his time with us was brief, I wouldn't have given it up for the world, and his impact will last a lifetime.




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